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Packaging development

Individual packaging is not available off the peg. We develop creative packaging solutions for you according to your requirements and briefings in our own Packaging Development department. With a flexible, fast response, you can receive from us various alternative white samples tailored to the current requirements of the German trade to exactly suit your requirements.

The heart of our company is our Development department, under the management of Andreas Schuster. Together with Andreas Nägele, Industrial Master Papermaker and Packaging Developer, specially tailored packaging is developed to the exact requirements of our customers. With the aid of modern CAD systems and a powerful plotter made by 'Zünd', individual solutions are developed. In addition to product development, Mr Schuster and Mr Nägele are responsible for complete co-ordination with our tool suppliers and also for the initial acceptance on our die-cutting and gluing machines. This also ensures that the complex packaging requirements are met.

Several utility models and patents were developed in this way.

And if our customers only require packaging development and support? No problem, we shall also be pleased to offer you this.


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