Real eye-catchers!

Lovingly designed

When you work together with us,
you do not necessarily need an expensive agency to design your packaging. We design your packaging with modern software and hardware, together with professional partners, quickly and economically. And it also attracts
attention on the shelf!


Our partner Nägele Prepress GmbH professionally implements one-up design on the printed sheet with multi-ups, exactly tailored to the requirements of our designs and our printing, die-cutting and gluing machines. Printing plates are of course re-created digitally for every job.

The general process for print design/implementation:

  1. Production of camera-ready by customer's agency or Nägele Prepress
  2. Check of camera-ready for printing requirements (offset) and implementation of one-up design on multi-ups
  3. Approval by customer
  4. Production of printing plates
  5. Print approval / printing

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