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Project: Replacement of a classic corrugated cardboard tray with a BayPack 1 design

Market: Dairy products white line 'Quark'

Initial situation:

Quark is conventionally packed in classic trays of full or corrugated cardboard. So is the brand range of a market leader who used a corrugated cardboard tray for packaging (200 g quark pots: 2 next to each other, 3 behind each other and 2 layers on top of each other).

The side walls of the crate were raised up to the edge of the upper layer of pots so that on the shelf, with presentation at eye level, very little of the top of the pot could be seen. The brand could not be seen, often only the unprinted side of the pot, so that it was difficult to recognise the brand.


The task for BayPack was now to optimise brand recognition and develop packaging which could be tested as manual packaging but was also implementable 1:1 as an automated version.


The BayPack packaging developers Andreas Schuster and Andreas Nägele jointly developed the 'BayPack 1' solution, a dividable tray made of compact cardboard weight 2,700g for 2 x 6 x 200g quark pots with several advantages:

  1. Horizontal presentation during transport (important for the quark mixture in the pot), but vertical presentation of the pot on the shelf (product brand and pot design face-to-face with the consumer)
  2. Alignment of the top of the pot in the tray for optimum brand recognition
  3. Flexible presentation (on top of each other, next to each other or behind each other) by dividing the transport tray into 2 displays for the shelf.
  4. Fast, clean opening of the tray through integrated opening system (reverse scoring)
  5. Improved pallet utilisation of 22 %
  6. Single type, high visibility display of 2 different flavours by dividing the tray
  7. Manual packaging as a test version identical with later automated version.

This version was tested from July to December 2010 under real conditions on the market with a trade partner (discounter) with unusually positive test results:

In the test period, an average increase of 40 % of the average monthly turnover was achieved with the new presentation compared with the 1st half of 2010! This is clear evidence that vertical brand/product presentation on the shelf can lead to considerable increases in sales. At the same time, pallet utilisation was improved by more than 20 % per pallet with the new packaging, which led to considerable savings on logistics costs in the supply chain.

A very interesting result, especially for quark or dessert products, which are conventionally presented horizontally (sometimes due to the product).

Based on this extremely positive result, the customer decided to convert packaging to the tested version from summer 2011 and to use a new packaging machine for automatic packaging!


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