Shelf Ready Packaging

Transport & Shelf Ready Packaging

Reduce your costs and
increase sales!

Our standards for the development and production of shelf-ready and transport packaging

1. Cost-savings on internal logistics


2. Cost-savings on external logistics


3. Less waste in retail trade

Diagram for internal logistics - cost-saving
 Diagram: External logistics - cost saving Diagram: Less waste in retail trade
  • Generally 50 to 100 % more packages per pallet
  • Less storage space, less handling
  • Increase in pallet utilisation with BayPack
  • Lower logistics costs!
  • Only small, flat cardboard to be disposed of as waste!
  • Less handling and thus time-saving for retail personnel

4. Easy handling
on shelf


5. Improved sales


6. Lower production costs

Diagram: Easy handling on shelf
 Diagram: Improved sales
 Diagram: Lower production costs
  • Quick and easy opening
  • Clean tear edges
  • Time-saving for shop personnel
  • Very good brand presentation
  • Optimum view of the product
  • Flexible mono-/duo-facing presentation
  • Optimum tray depth and shelf utilisation
  • High line efficiency and folding accuracy with blanks for automatic packaging
  • Saving on time and personnel with manual packaging
  • Fewer machine downtimes and lower personnel costs

7. Flex-box system


8. Low-cost designs

Diagram of Flex-Box System
 Diagram of Low-Cost Designs  
  • Only 1 design for machine blanks and manual packaging
  • No (re-)listing costs in retail trade when converting from manual to machine packaging
  • Saves on raw materials, 1-piece designs
  • Economical cuts wherever possible
  • Lower material cost
    = lower packaging price
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